A Favorite of Florence

I was once told by a born and bred Roman that Florence was like the Disney World of Italy.  He told me that every branch of every tree was perfectly placed by God above.  Every street showed a beautiful glimpse of a countryside made for kings.  Of course, he said this with a scoff, as he was proud of his own simplistic Roman ways.  However a scoff was far from my reaction to this description.  My heart ached to visit such a place and I began to get that giddy feeling that one does right before visiting Disney World for the first time.

As we drove through the Tuscan countryside, this man’s description of Florence did not disappoint.  Indeed, everything was quite frankly perfect. From the olive trees aligning the streets to the vast vineyards that flooded our views, it was as charming as I had hoped.  As if this scenery couldn’t be any more stunning, we pulled up into the rustic drive of Villa Dianella.


It was a truly magical site to see.  As we got out of our car, we were greeted by Samantha, who would be our tour guide for the afternoon.  (Side note: Samantha spoke very good English and we were partnered up with another family for our tour and tasting.)  We started out our tour by looking at the inner workings of the vineyard.  As we strolling through the building, I couldn’t help but think that I wanted to remodel my house to look exactly like this estate.





After touring the building, we had a lovely tasting in their dinning area.  We had a recent taste of their Chianti and then had one from an older vintage.  Samantha assisted us in comparing the tasting notes of the two wines so that we could get the most out of our tasting.  We also shared a lovely charcuterie platter with local meats and cheeses from the Tuscan area, accompanied by Villa Dianella’s olive oil.  The “Donna Rita” tasting was under 20 euros/person, which we found to be very reasonable.


To finish off our visit, we were taken into a lovely room with souvenirs to bring back home.  In this particular room, there was a door leading outside with the most beautiful view that we found in Florence.  If anything, the trip to Villa Dianella was entirely worth it for this view (although we absolutely loved every other component of our visit there).



For additional details, visit their website: http://www.villadianella.it/

The villa also opperates as a B&B and has fairly reasonable rates.  We look forward to doing this on our next trip to Italy.

Additionally, a cooking class is offered here and it sounds absolutely wonderful!  I believe that it would be more than worth it to try it out.
Please share your experience in the comments of your visit to Villa Dianella or feel free to ask me about any part of our visit.



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