Wine Tasting with the Girls

For my bachelorette party in April, my best gal pals took me to Asheville, North Carolina (more blog posts to come about this), and then we traveled west to Blue Ridge, Georgia.  If you haven’t driven through the Blue Ridge Mountains, you are definitely missing a site to see!  Blue Ridge is full of quaint towns with cute shops, restaurants, and vineyards.

While in Blue Ridge, we stayed in a fun cabin at the very TOP of a mountain.  To say that it was a rough drive would be the understatement of the year.  Us ladies had a difficult time getting up the mountain but an even more difficult time getting a cab to fetch us at the top.  This would be my only downside to staying in the mountains.

For many years, my best friend/maid of honor, had told me about her most favorite place in the world, Cartecay Vineyards.  So it was no surprise that she planned for us to make a visit there.  All 5 of us drove together into Ellijay and were able to experience everything that my best friend had described.  There were picnic tables outside that you could bring in your own munchies.  Of course, the outside area was accompanied by their famous Chimney.  Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!  As we walked inside their “Tasting Barn”, there was a quaint wooden bar with a sitting area off to the side.  Additionally, there was a nice open space upstairs to wander about and stand out on the porch.

At the bar, you could buy 5 tastings for $10.00, which came with a small souvenir glass.  Individual glasses of their wine and local ciders were also sold for a reasonable price.  After we purchased our glasses, we sat outside and listened to the live music while munching on our lunch that we had picked up earlier from The Fresh Market in town.  After a glass or two, we wandered throughout the beautiful vineyards and took advantage of some photo ops.


The wine, atmosphere, and hospitality were all superb here!  I highly recommend spending the afternoon in this sweet spot.


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