Cannes’ Most Kept Secret

Just walking among the pristine streets of Cannes, France will make you swoon.  There’s just something special about a place where you can smell fresh macarons and madelines being made in the nearby bakeries.  Heavenly.

Although there are many fun things to do in Cannes besides eating French pastries, I have one thing in particular that I believe has topped the list.

As I was researching things to do in Cannes before we arrived, I found an interesting island about 20 minutes away (by ferry) called Saint Honorat.  For those of you that aren’t fluent in French, like myself, I soon found out that this is not pronounced “Ho-No-Rat”.  Opps.

The island is inhabited by monks, in which they make their own wine and liqueurs.  Tastings are available through their website.  I have not personally done the tasting but I would certainly give it a try on my next visit.

For our visit, we didn’t set up a tour or tasting and once we got there, we heard that the restaurant was fully reserved.  We were slightly bummed but realized that we could make the most of our situation.  They had a small shop near the restaurant, in which we grabbed some sammies and a few beers and then decided to explore.  THANK GOODNESS WE DID.  We came across this little gem and it became the highlight of our entire trip.



To have a more comprehensible feel of where this is located.  Check out this video that gives a quick aerial tour of the island.

After enjoying the crystal clear water to ourselves, we made our way back to Cannes for some dinning and strolling around.  We really could not have imagined stumbling upon such a treasure that would make for a beyond memorable day.

Tickets for a round trip ferry ride from Cannes to Saint Honorat can be purchased here for 14 euros.

Information and a reservation phone number for their restaurant can be found here.

If you’ve ever experienced Saint Honorat Island, I would love to hear about your findings!  Feel free to comment below.

Until next time,


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