Vino Roma v. Rimessa Roscioli

When you’re in Italy, it’s almost a given that some wine tasting needs to be done.  But with so many options, how do you choose?  Wine tastings can get pricey and they tend to be 2-3 hours long so it’s not ideal to choose more than a couple, unless you’re solely in Italy for that reason.

Two wine tastings that I found to be exceptional options are Vino Roma and Rimessa Roscioli.  Both of these tastings were very different from each other so I hope that I can do them both justice by describing the experiences that we had at each one.

Vino Roma


If you have the opportunity to go here on your first night in Rome, DO IT!  Besides being aesthetically stunning, this tasting had so much to offer.  This was the most technical wine tasting that I have done.  We sampled 6 different wines, and could refill our glasses as much as we wanted.  The “My Italians” package that we attended went over how to assess and appreciate each wine.  It also helped us to understand what region of Italy each wine came from and how to pair it properly with well-known Italian dishes.  I was so pleased with every aspect of this tasting and truly did not want to leave.  Thankfully, our sommelier recommended for us to go to Nonna Betta for dinner, which ended up topping our list for best restaurants in Rome.

The “My Italians” that we attended would be great for people that are wanting to start learning more about wine.  The cost of this option is 50 euros/person and consisted of 8 people.

Their other packages are:

“Wine & Cheese Dinner” for 60 euros/person

“Dine & Wine” – prices vary

“My Rome Food Tour” – prices vary

On our next trip to Rome, visiting Vino Roma and doing their “Dine & Wine” option will be the first thing on our list.


Rimessa Roscioli

The remains of our wine tasting at Rimessa Roscioli.

For this experience, we opted for the “Wine & Food Tasting Dinner”.  Oh boy, I’m glad that we did.  The dinner included 9 courses and was out of this world.  To boot, the wines were delicious and unique. Since we decided to include dinner in our tasting, the tasting itself was slightly more advanced than that at Vino Roma.  BUT if you are new to wine, going to Vino Roma and doing their “My Italians” option before coming here, would be perfect!  This tasting focused a lot on how each wine is properly paired with each meal that came out.

As I mentioned, we did the “Wine & Food Tasting Dinner” which was 65 euros/person and consisted of 10 people.

Other options include (but are not limited to):

“Tasting Bar Wine Tasting” for 20 euros/person

“Private Tastings” for 80 euros/person

We were certainly in a wine and food coma after this tasting.  It was a great experience and we look forward  to going back and enjoying some time at their wine bar.


If you’ve been particularly impressed with another wine tasting in Rome, I’d love to hear about it!  Please feel free to comment with your thoughts and ideas!


Cin cin!



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