When In Rome, Drink Craft Beer!

Just as it is in America, the craft beer scene is becoming more and more popular in Italy.  We had the opportunity to try out some places while in Rome and they’re definitely worth mentioning.  Each place that I’ll list is very different from the next so I won’t be putting them in any particular order.

Birra e Sale/Pasto (It appears to go by both names)

When we sat down at the counter for a quick bite to eat, we had no idea that we had stopped into a beer-lovers perfect spot for lunch and a cold one.  Sandwiches and pizza were displayed to order and you could watch them make the items behind the counter.  I believe it was the first time that we saw what mozzarella is supposed to look like, opposed to the kinds we see in the U.S. supermarkets.  This restaurant had a beautiful supply of Italian craft beers that had us staying longer than we expected.  We enjoyed drinking beers from Brew Fist and Open Baladin.  Speaking of Open Baladin…

Open Baladin

From what I understand, Open Baladin is the go-to place for Italian craft beers in Rome.  They carry their own beers and serve some pretty appetizing food.  The bar was filled with many young people chatting and sharing beers.  This is where we found the biggest selection of styles of beer.  However, don’t be surprised if the tastes of their beers (obviously) taste more European than the tastes of American beers.  The atmosphere was fun and lively and we had a great time!

Tre Fontane


Talk about interesting!  When traveling around Europe, I love to try and hunt down Trappist beers, which are beers that are brewed by, or with the supervision of a monk.  There is currently only one trappist brewery in Italy and it’s on the outskirts of Rome.  Once arriving at the monastery, there is a small cafe that serves their beer.  They also have a gift shop that sells chocolates, oils, and wines that they make on property.  I’ve read that some people have been lucky enough to run into the monk who brews the beer, and chat with him.  We, however, did not get this chance.  It was a fun spot and I definitely recommend it, but know that there’s not much more to do than grab a beer or two from the cafe.

This is my current compilation of craft beer spots in Rome.  If you know of more worth visiting, please let me know in a comment.  I’d love to visit some more on my next trip!



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