What I’m Adoring in December

There is SO much to adore in December but I’ve narrowed it down to the following categories:


Beer: Anderson Valley Winter Solstice Seasonal Ale


This is a seasonal favorite of mine!  I actually deem the turning of the season when I see Winter Solstice in stores and bars.  This beer is sure to make you extra cheerful during the holiday season.

And if it couldn’t get better, Anderson Valley suggests that you pair it with roasted almonds, pumpkin pie, brie cheese, and baked spiraled ham.  What are you waiting for, go to the store NOW and pick up a 6 pack!



Cookie: Pistachio Snowball Cookies


Find the recipe for these delicious nuggets here!  It pairs well with a glass of a zesty Sauvignion Blanc.



Tea Towel: Whip It Good
Purchased at West Elm for $10.00


How cute is this?  The only downside is that, when it’s properly folded on the oven handle, you can’t really decipher what it says.  Either way, it’s adorable and it makes me break out into song everytime I see it.



Book: Yes Please by Amy Poehler


I have had this book on my bookshelf for over a year.  For some reason, I just kept putting it aside.  I decided to pick it up recently and I thoroughly enjoyed it!  If you’re an SNL or Parks and Rec fan, you will certainly love reading this humorous book!



Kitchen Addition: Crystal Art Gallery Caged Edison Bulb Pendant Light
Purchased at Nordstrom, on sale for $38.98 each


These lights had been on my Nordstrom Wishlist for weeks!  When I finally saw them go on sale, I transferred them to my Shopping Bag and purchased them immediately!  When they arrived on my doorstep, I excitedly opened them and realized that they were designed to plug into a wall, rather than hang above my kitchen counter top.  Don’t you hate when that happens?  THANKFULLY, I have a sweet, sweet husband that reworked them to hang where I originally planned for them to reside.



Craving: Blackstone Grille’s Curry Beef Empanadas
112 Bartram Oaks Walk #102, St. Johns, FL 32259


We are fortunate enough to have this little gem relatively close to our neighborhood.  They are genius in creating American/Asian fusion food.  This is just one of the many outstanding dishes that they have.  I happen to order it as my appetizer every time that we dine there.  And this is the kind of dish that my husband knows that I won’t share.  Yummy!



Candle: Rewined Spiked Cider
Purchased at Nordstrom for $29.00


All I can say is YAAAAAAAS!  Smells like Christmas morning!



Well, if this doesn’t put you in the holiday mood, I’m not sure what will!



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