Pompeii, Sorrento, Amalfi, Oh my!

Usually when I get to a new city, I like to rent a car, cruise around, and check everything out on my own.  However, my husband and I were only in Southern Italy for a day so we decided to book a tour with Viator.  Like I mentioned, I’m not usually one for tours but this one certainly exceeded our expectations.

Our first stop: Sorrentagri Factory/Gift Shop (Sorrento)

This place was such a blast!  They produce fresh limoncello, EVOO, lemon-flavored olive oil, marmalade, and much more! You could walk around the building and peer through the windows of the factory.  They also had a great gift shop that was filled with everything LEMON!  And, best of all, they were handing out free samples of limoncello.  Not to mention, across the street, there was a great photo op for visitors to take advantage of.  We really enjoyed this neat little gem!

Our second stop: Sorrento Coast Photo Op

Next, we stopped at this great place on the side of the road that had an amazing view!

Our third stop: Calajanara Restaurant (Amalfi)

This restaurant had an AMAZING view!! My biggest suggestion though: GET OFF THE BUS FIRST AND INTO THE RESTAURANT SO THAT YOU CAN SIT AT THE TABLE WITH THE BEST VIEW!!  I’m not ashamed to say that we’re those people.  The lunch was the same for everyone (eggplant pasta) but they asked before serving if anyone would like something different.  I asked if they wouldn’t mind leaving the eggplant out of mine.  Some people opted for a pizza.  The meal came with bread and we spent a few extra euros to get a bottle of wine.

Apart of the restaurant was a beautiful ceramics shop, in which Amalfi and the surrounding areas are known for.  We ended up getting ceramic tiles of our address to bring home.  They packed them well so we had no problems bringing them back home safely.


Our fourth stop: The city of Amalfi

We were given about 1.5 hours to enjoy ourselves in Amalfi.  My husband and I didn’t realize that we would be given this opportunity so we immediately got off the bus, bought bathing suits and a towel, and ran for the ocean!  (Even us Floridians get excited about the beach!)  The water was pristine and the view of Amalfi behind us was breathtaking.  Unlike our Florida beaches with miles of sand, the beaches in Amalfi were comprised of smooth rocks.  We were sure to grab a dozen or so to take home as a souvenir.

Our final stop: Pompeii

By this point in our day, we were definitely exhausted but our time in Pompeii was well spent.  We did have to pay an additional 13 euros/person for our tour (plus gratuity).   Our tour guide was wonderful and she gave our group a very comprehensible tour.  It was absolutely stunning to see the remains of Pompeii and I highly recommend visiting there if you get the chance.  If you do not choose to go with a group, please consider getting a guide.  It would not make much sense to go without having a guide to explain everything that you encounter.

Even though touring Pompeii was amazing, I have to say that the pizza at Pompeii was the highlight.  It’s usually not suggested to eat near such a touristy place but the pizza at the small stand near the entrance was amazing.  It was so good, that my husband and I went back several times within the hour to keep getting more.  It was, by far, the best pizza that we have ever had!!

After an eventful day, we made the trek back to Naples, which I found to be thrilling as we drove through the winding roads.  I would highly recommend going on this tour if you’re hoping to fit in everything in one day.  If you’re planning on staying in the area longer, I would suggest staying in Amalfi and taking day trips to the surrounding areas (Sorrento, Positano, Capri, Pompeii).  It’s a beautiful place to be and it surely will not disappoint.

You can find out more about our tour here.
$91.55/person + 13 euros/person for Pompeii tour


Enjoy your visit!


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