Where The Locals Drink in St. Auggie

There are so many bars and restaurants to chose from when visiting St. Augustine, FL.  The only problem is, it’s hard to figure out which spots are consumed with tourists or locals.  As a St. Augustine native, I’m here to guide you to the locals’ favorites!

Bog Brewing Company
218 W King Street
St. Augustine, Florida 32084

As a beer drinker, I consider St. Augustine very fortunate to have this awesome brewery to go to.  Their beers are solid and the staff and patrons are very welcoming.  They have traditional beers such as a Session IPA, but they also do some unique beers such as their Chipotle Porter.  They’re all deliciously smooth and tasteful!  The tasting room isn’t very large but they have a nice outside porch to spread out into.


Ice Plant
110 Riberia Street
Saint Augustine, Florida 32084

ice plant.PNG

In the past couple years, the Ice Plant has become a little touristy because of their affiliation with the St. Augustine Distillery.  However, it is still a great place to go and I highly recommend it.  Their drinks are specially crafted and they have a seasonal menu that always pleases my palette.  The atmosphere of this spot is like none other in St. Augustine!  I recommend that you go really early or really late so that you do not have to wait over an hour to get to the bar.  I also would highly suggest that you sit at the bar so that you can watch the bartenders work their magic!


Dos Coffee and Wine
300 San Marco Blvd.
Saint Augustine, Florida 32084


If you’re a coffee and/or wine lover, you’ll thoroughly enjoy Dos.  They have a wonderful selection of wine and a charcuterie board that’s absolutely delectable.  My local tip is to grab some desserts from Creme de la Cocoa across the street and bring them over to Dos to pair nicely with your wine.  They also serve a variety of local craft beers.


Odd Birds
33 Charlotte Street
Saint Augustine, Florida 32084

odd birds.PNG

In the heart of downtown, Odd Birds is THE local favorite!  They serve amazing craft cocktails that are as fun to watch them make as they are to drink!  Their cocktail creations are one of a kind, and so is their food.  Be sure to try one of their arepas – you can’t go wrong with any of their selections.  Bottled beer and wine is also served, in addition to their craft cocktails.


Brewz |n| Dawgs
1974 US 1 South
Saint Augustine, Florida 32086


As you would imagine by reading their name, Brewz n Dawgz has stellar hotdogs and craft beer.  They have 24 beers on tap, as well as hundreds of other bottled options.  In addition to their vast selection of beers, they serve organic hotdogs, cheese fries, and more!  This is a great lunch or dinner spot that will provide you with excellent food, beverages, and service!


Our course, there are many great places to grab a drink in St. Augustine.  However, these are our favorites that we frequent the most.  Please let me know if you choose to stop by one (or more) of our local spots!




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