Ugly Sweater Party (for kids!)

When it comes to blogging, I don’t typically write about my career as a third grade teacher.  It appears that food and travel are much more interesting subjects.  ğŸ™‚  But for this post, I figured that I would share about our kid-friendly Ugly Sweater Party that we had in our classroom.  Below you will find decor ideas, tasty treats, and other fun ideas.

The theme of our party was “Make your own ugly sweater”.  Therefore, I laid out tinsel, small ornaments, stickers, ribbon, bows, etc. and let the kids have fun with it!


“The Photo Booth”

I used wrapping paper from Michael’s Craft Store as our backdrop.  I also had my students color ugly sweaters to add to it!  I found the sweater templates here.



Their Sweater Creations:


The Food:

These treats were super easy to prepare and the kids LOVED them!


My Favorite Holiday Books for Kids: 

  • Memoirs of an Elf by: Devin Scillian
  • The Polar Express by: Chris Van Allsburg
  • Hanukkah Bear by: Eric A. Kimmel
  • Fancy Nancy Splendiferous Christmas by: Jane O’Connor
  • Mooseltoe by: Margie Palatini



Even though this party was simple, it was so much fun for the kids.  I highly recommend going to Michael’s Craft Store and taking advantage of their Christmas sale and throwing one of these parties for your kids!  It’s a little messy but totally worth it!


Well Wishes,


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