Charcuterie For The Win!

Whenever I see a charcuterie board at a restaurant, I can’t help but order it and savor every bite!  The same goes for when someone brings one to a party – I just plant myself right in front of it and start exploring the variety of cheeses and meats.  Therefore, when each of my family members had to volunteer to bring something for Christmas dinner, I obviously chose to do a charcuterie board.  And thank goodness I did – it was the hit of the evening!

Charcuterie boards can be a simple plate of cheese and meats but with the help of Pinterest, they have also become a work of art.  Here’s some tiny tips on helping you prepare the most fabulous board!

  1. Choose a board.  This can be a wooden cutting board, a slate cheese board, or a large platter.  Most recently I chose to use this large white serving platter from World Market ($12.99).
  2. Choose your cheeses.  For this board, I chose a soft (Brie), blue (Gorgonzola), and semi-firm (Gouda).  I feel like you really can’t go wrong in choosing cheeses but it is nice to have a variety.  For us, brie cheese is always the first to go!  Don’t forget to include a couple cheese knives.
  3. Choose your meats.  Because I come from an Italian family, I tend to choose Italian meats.  For this board, I used salami, pepperoni, and prosciutto.  I try to find fun ways to display the meats.  I spread out some and rolled others to switch it up.  I also set out tiny forks so that people don’t have to use their hands to pick up the meats.
  4. Choose your spreads.  You can get SO creative with your spreads!  For this board, I used a cheddar cheese chutney and a datil pepper blueberry jam.  Other great ideas are honey, fig preserves, hummus, pumpkin butter, spicy mustard, etc.
  5. Choose your other accompaniments.  By this point, I was running out of room on my platter so I just used almonds.  Olives, pickles, nuts, and fruit are other great complementary choices.
  6. Choose your bases.  Bases are anything that can hold the items from the board.  I set out fresh bread that was cut from a baguette, as well as pretzel chips.

One of my favorite things about a charcuterie board is that you can have fun with it!  Choose a variety of items, colors, textures, and tastes to make it look and taste wonderful!!

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