The Loveliest of Birthdays

Everyone has the right to feel on cloud 9 on their birthday.  Whether that means going on a camping trip, having a tea party, or simply spending time with one’s family, everyone deserves to feel loved and appreciated on their special day.  After all, there’s only ONE day a year that is dedicated to YOU!

Because I take birthdays very seriously, I wanted to take a few moments to share my exciting day!

For starters, can we just swoon over this pajama nightgown?  “Eat cake for breakfast” is  my motto so I’m incredibly thankful to Kate Spade for getting me!


My day started off at the Ice Plant for a wonderful brunch with my family.  We had some amazing food and drinks and I was able to open the sweetest presents from my loved ones.  I especially loved getting tickets to the Russian Nutcracker Ballet and a pair of Lilly Pulitzer stemless wine glasses.  How sweet!!


The Ice Plant is known for their craft cocktails and this is one of their specialties!  This is the Patrick Swizzle (fun name, right?) and it’s composed of Rhum Clement, Earl Grey, Lemon, Orange Liqueur, and Bitters.


My husband and I then spent some time at the house fiddling with our new Christmas/Birthday presents until it was time for dinner.  I’m usually not fond of surprises, but my husband wanted to do something really special for my birthday dinner.  Therefore, around 5:00pm, we got in the car and my husband told me that we were going to DISNEY for dinner!  Mind you, Disney is 2 hours away from our house!  I was totally shocked but so excited!

On our way to Disney, I convinced my husband to let us listen to my favorite Podcast – Awesome Etiquette.  This Podcast is presented by kin of Emily Post and they have a wonderfully comedic way of explaining modern etiquette.  I highly recommend you give them a try!


After making our trek to Orlando, my husband and I took a walk around Disney Springs and then made our way to The Boathouse, in which I had never dined at before.  We had a beautiful table on the water, that would later come into play as they presented a Christmas light show (which was interestingly done by using drones).


Our dinner was just as lovely as the view!  We started off with a bottle of Stag’s Leap Hands of Time Red Blend, which was delectable.  Following was Beef Carpaccio, which is a favorite appetizer for us.  For our entrees, we both chose steaks, and complemented them with macaroni and cheese and corn on the cob.  The finale for our meal was a Whiskey Caramel Cornbread Cake, which certainly pleased my southern heart.

Oh what a lovely night!!


As I stated, your birthday should make you feel blissful, and that is exactly how I felt!  Many thanks to my beloved husband, as well as the rest of my family and friends!


With much birthday giddiness,


4 thoughts on “The Loveliest of Birthdays

  1. What lovely celebrations! happy birthday! And I absolutely LOVE your Kate Spade eat cake for breakfast top – totally my sentiments like all of the time! 😀


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