Ribbits & Ribs

Southern Fried Frog Legs & Smoked Braised Short Ribs were only two of the dishes that made us totally swoon at The Mill Restaurant in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida.

This past weekend we had the chance to make the short trip from St. Augustine, Florida to St. Petersburg, Florida to visit some friends and family.  As always when traveling out of town, I started researching where we could grab an appetizing meal.  Once I came across the menu to The Mill, I immediately told my husband that we HAD to try it out!

Here was just a few of the selections that we chose:

Southern Fried Frog Legs


Although I’ve lived in the south my whole life, I’ve never tried frog legs.  But after reading the way these were prepared, I was dying to try them.  Chili brown butter, fried green tomatos, parsley sage gremolata, buttermilk aiola – YUM!  Thankfully my husband had tried frog legs in the past so he warned me to pick around the bones.  These were scrumptious!


Cheese & Charcuterie


A good charcuterie board is one of my favorite things in the world.  I just love being able to nibble and munch on a variety of tasty items.  This board has got to be one of the most appetizing ones that I have ever tried!  We had variations of goat cheese, sage cheddar, and smoked gouda.  For our meats we chose espresso venison pastrami, octopus bacon, exotic mushroom terrine, and canadian gator bacon.  Oh my goodness, each bite was heavenly!  And get this – all of the meats are cured in house!


Smoked Braised Short Ribs


Just listen to this description and try not to get giddy inside: buckwheat polenta fries, peanut butter BBQ, oven-roasted grape and kiwi relish.  Now, I’m someone who loves food and tries new dishes often, but this dish – IT’S IN MY TOP 10 OF BEST DISHES I’VE EVER EATEN.  The flavors were so cohesive and the peanut butter BBQ was to die for.  I literally have been dreaming of this meal since we finished dining.  It was truly glorious.
(My husband got the Red Curry Coconut Braised Short Rib and raved about it, as well!)


Dutch Chocolate Tart


As good as this picture looks, it doesn’t even do it justice.  Saltine cracker crust, hazelnut toffee bark, creme de alba meringue, balsamic drizzle – It was beyond delicious!!


The Mill also carried a great selection of local craft beers, in which we willingly delighted in!  I had Terrapin’s Liquid Bliss and Florida Beer Company’s Florida Native Lager – both were great!


It is also worth noting that the service was beyond fantastic!  Our waitress was pleasant and very knowledgeable about their menu items.  And while sitting outside towards the end of our meal, we had some non-patrons almost break out in a brawl next to our table.  It was short-lived and we politely did not make eye-contact with said brawlers.  As they walked on, we shared a little chuckle and didn’t think much of it.  However, within minutes, both the manager and CHEF came to our table to apologize for that experience.  We assured them that there was nothing that they could have done about it, and despite it, we had a lovely meal and enjoyed everything.  They apologized once more and brought out a dessert on the house.  This was certainly not expected but the fact that they were that concerned about our experience made us love the restaurant even more.

As we left the restaurant, I told my husband that this was a MUST on every visit following to St. Pete!  He, of course, agreed!


For more information:
The Mill Restaurant
200 Central Avenue Ste. 100
St. Petersburg, Florida 33701

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