Cafe Benelux, You Did Not Disappoint!

A few years ago, when my brother was looking for jobs after college, I gave him my sisterly advice to only accept a job in a cool city.  This being, I would have somewhere fun to visit.  Although I don’t think it was because of my advice, he did end up moving to the outskirts of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, which happens to be a foodie’s paradise.

Aside from playing in the snow (which is pretty exciting for a Floridian), we spent our time eating and drinking around the city.

One of my favorite restaurants that we went to during this visit was Cafe Benelux, located in the Historic Third Ward District in downtown Milwaukee.

Cafe Benelux had a wonderful selection of beer.  In fact, they had an entire “beer book”.  Within this book, they had several of their own beers that are actually brewed in Belgium and then the kegs are sent over for the exclusive use of Cafe Benelux.  I had their High Speed Wit, which was light and tasty.


We then put in for an appetizer – Tater Tots.  Now when I think of tater tots, they are usually small bites of fried shredded potatoes.  However, after trying these, I will never be able to eat a regular tater tot EVER AGAIN.  They describe these mounds of joy as having bacon, bleu cheese, and sriracha mayo.  However, that just does not do it justice.  These were deep fried mashed potatoes, stuffed with the creamiest bleu cheese you’ve ever tasted, and complimented with crispy bacon.  For someone who eats a lot and does not like to share her food, this was a perfect-sized appetizer for 3 people to share.


Next up, I had the Hand-Carved Beef Tenderloin Sandwich.  They describe this as being made with their Hollander IPA bier cheese spread, bistro sauce, crispy onions, and on a pretzel bun.  The beef was tender and the accompaniments were a perfect match to the crispy onions strings.

To accompany my entree, I opted to get a side of their Half Order of Macaroni and Cheese.  Their half order was huge and delicious.  They describe it as jumbo elbow mac, goat cheese, brie, muenster, american, herb garlic cheese, sweet peppers.  With that many cheeses, how could it possibly be bad?  It was creamy and cheesy and everything else you would hope for in a good mac and cheese.


Although we didn’t get dessert here, their dessert menu looked just as appetizing as their main menu.

We were so pleased with our meal here and are looking forward to our next visit, in which we can try even more on their menu!!

Cafe Benelux & Market
346 N. Broadway
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53202



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